MHKY | Voyageurs Fall to UOIT Setting Up Do or Die Game Saturday

MHKY | Voyageurs Fall to UOIT Setting Up Do or Die Game Saturday
On Saturday night, the Voyageurs men's hockey team were topped by the UOIT Ridgebacks 5-1. 
The Voyageurs got off to a good start as they held off the Ridgeback attack and were able to pepper Brendan O'Neill with 13 shots.  
The Ridgebacks stuck first as Jack Patterson scored 13 minutes in with the assistance of Josh Maguire. The first period ended in nothing more then a 1-0 lead for the Ridgebacks.
UOIT jumped out of the gates into the second period adding two more goals, one being a short handed goal from Malik Johnson assisted by Tyler Mayea & Alex Yuillto just 38 seconds in. UOIT won the second period trumping Laurentian's 8 shots with a total of 18.
Brendan O'Neill was finally beat in the second period by Dylan Fitze just as the period was closing out at 18:57 with the help of Derek Varrin & Xavier Couture.
The Voyageurs, down but not out, turned it up a notch in an effort to even the score. Unfortunately Laurentian was unable to add more into the scoring column despite the valiant efforts.
UOIT would add two more goals to finish off the game from Tucker White and Connor Jarvis' empty net.
With the loss, the Vees head home to face RMC on Saturday, February 9th in a winner take all game to decide the 8th and final playoff spot.
Sam Brooks
Sports Writer