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Department of Athletics Mission Statement

Laurentian University Varsity Athletics is committed to the provision, promotion, and facilitation of excellence in sports and academics. Laurentian Athletics strives to make a positive impact on the well-being of Laurentian student-athletes, students, and the Northeastern Ontario community.



  • To create an environment, including resources which foster the development of a program, teams and individuals striving for excellence at the OUA and CIS levels.
  • To foster the ongoing development of female and male student-athletes and to assist them to fulfil their athletic potential.
  • To encourage, promote, and support the coaches within the department.
  • To attract and maintain quality coaches and staff.
  • To develop and maintain a centralized fund-raising process.
  • To encourage, promote, and support the recruitment of top level student-athletes.
  • To facilitate the provision of quality educational experience for student-athletes and to provide practical educational experiences for interested students.
  • To provide examples of healthy, active, and balanced lifestyles.
  • To advance and promote an "Image of excellence" for Laurentian University.
  • To provide wholesome sport entertainment, exemplifying a spirit of fair play and dignity.


Key Builder of Sport in our Community


A Vision is a clear and compelling image of a future state. Our vision for the future is bold and a long way from where we are today. But we will achieve this status if we all pull together to acquire the resources that we need to propel us toward the best in coaching and athlete development resulting in OUA and CIS excellence. The journey to achieve our Vision will not be easy and it will take time but it is a journey that must begin now by taking our first step, then our next and then our next.


Core Values

Core values are enduring beliefs that guide our thinking and behaviour. As we plan the future of Laurentian Athletics, we have developed core values that will drive our decision-making as we address the changes needed in the coming years. Our values are:


Pride & Tradition

We are proud of Laurentian Athletics and its role in both community and athlete development.



We believe only in the ethical pursuit of excellence.



We believe that participants, competitors, coaches, officials, administrators and supporters must honour and respect each other.


Drive for Success

We believe in providing quality opportunities for athletes, coaches, officials and administrators to fulfill their potential.


Personal Growth

We believe that Sport contributes to personal health, happiness and the development of positive life skills.


Networking & Communicating

We believe in listening to and openly communicating with our alumni and partners.


Equality of Opportunity

We believe that our system must be open and inclusive.